We exist because we value art and the people who make it: you.

About us

Artsy Lane is the premier marketplace for art teachers, artists, makers, DIYers and anyone who craves creativity. But it’s so much more. It’s a community of like-minded creators. Of people who make things and want to share their creations with the world.

But we at Artsy Lane understand that artists, especially today, are in so many ways undervalued, under appreciated and, yes, underpaid. We exist because we value art and the people who make it: you. From broad strokes to fine lines, you’re sure to find the art project you’re looking for here, and more.

Just looking for inspiration or ideas? We’ve got you covered. We invite you to climb into your right brain and lose yourself for awhile on our website. Or, stop in to create your own Artsy Lane studio & upload your projects. You will make money every time someone else buys them. Created by an art teacher/painter/maker and DIY lover, Artsy Lane is the spot to explore, buy, and sell all things artsy!

Our story

Hi. I’m Jen, the founder of Artsy Lane. When I became an art teacher, I would scour the Internet for hours, looking for art project inspiration. Time and again, I was astounded at how many people were giving their projects away for free. For some reason, there is a misconception that artists don’t need to be paid. But we don’t need to validate the term ‘starving artist’. Regardless of what society thinks, at Artsy Lane, you are going to get paid for your art. Period.

We know first-hand that developing great projects takes time, effort, resources, energy, creativity, and, let’s face it, sometimes blood, sweat, and tears! Artists put themselves out there every day. It’s time we creative geniuses are rewarded financially for what we have to offer! At Artsy Lane, we’re all in this together. Let’s support each other as a community and put an end to the term ‘starving artist’ once and for all.



Why Arsty Lane?

1) We are a community marketplace site that’s ONLY dedicated to art. We truly believe that art makes the world beautiful, that’s it’s critical for a child’s development and that we must continue to keep art alive & well in our culture these days (which seems to be all about math, technology, and science). Artsy Lane wants to be your one-stop shop to explore, buy, sell, support, and stay connected with all things artsy. When you are looking for a new project to teach your class, you won’t have to sort through mountains of math, history, or English materials. When you are looking for a new DIY to do with your bestie, you won’t have to sort through endless pages of non-creative projects. Artsy Lane is all about that art.

2) Artsy Lane is the ONLY website that offers you a one-of-a-kind, awesome project template for you to upload your projects. We get it. Not everyone is a tech genius. Not everyone has the time or patience to learn Photoshop, Illustrator or Powerpoint. You might be crafty, but not tech savvy. We’ve worked hard to come up with an easy-to-use, clear, thorough, attractive template for your projects. You simply fill out our online form, answer questions about your project, and upload a few images—then we make the template for you!  No computer science degree needed! In just a few steps, your project will be available to artsy people across the world, and you can start making money while you sleep.  Of course, if you are a techie and love to create beautiful project templates on your own, we offer you that option as well.

3) We have a the best commission structure. Opening an Artsy Lane studio of your own is free, and uploading as many projects that you’d like to sell is also free. There are NO annual fees.  You make a 100% commission on any project that you sell, and you get paid once per month through Paypal. You won’t make a million dollars overnight, but depending on the quality & the number of projects you are selling, the dollars can start adding up in your Paypal account quickly!  Vacation anyone?

4) When you shop on Artsy Lane, you are supporting local art teachers, artists, DIYers and crafters. You are supporting people that value creativity and have spent hours perfecting their crafts and projects. Basically, if you are shopping on Artsy Lane, you are supporting people just like you.

5) We believe in charity and giving back. We believe in fighting to keep art alive. We believe that all children should have access to art materials and great teachers. We believe that TEACHERS should have access to art materials for their students, without having to dig deep into their own pockets. Check back soon for an update on our philanthropy efforts.

6) Lastly, we like to have fun and want to stay connected. We will be holding fun monthly giveaways and creative monthly contests. We’ll be blogging about cool & useful art content. We’ll introduce you to fresh, new artists you may not have heard of before. We’ll share our best tips & tricks with you, and plan to have awesome spotlight interviews. We will listen to your feedback about how to make our site better and will try our best to take it all into account as we grow and improve. We strive to have the best customer service in the industry.

We hope you will come along and support us in this journey!

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Jennifer Carroll
Jen is a self-taught artist and painter, and loves all things creative. If you can’t find her, she’s probably in her art studio covered in paint and glitter. Jen is an entrepreneur at heart and has started several successful businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, including By Baby, (a hand and footprint keepsake company) and Art With Jenny, (a company that runs paint parties & private art classes in Northern California.) Most recently, Jen has blended her years of start-up company experience with her love of art & teaching, to create Artsy Lane. Her other passions include her two teenage kids, family, music, volleyball, travelling and wine tasting in the Sonoma Valley, or, frankly, anywhere good grapes are growing.

Head of Product

Quincy Carroll
Avid surfer, musician, and product leader, Quincy has been involved with developing and building cool products for over 15 years. A creative soul through and through, he’s worked for such popular Silicon Valley companies as Digidesign, where he cut his teeth on digital audio tech, Apple, where he helped launch the first version of GarageBand, eBay, launching their first generation search engine, and Ellation, where he launched their new video platform for VRV and Crunchyroll. Product Management is his jam and he knows his UI’s and API’s. Quincy has an MBA from Stanford University, and likes to ride waves in NorCal when the big swells from Alaska hit our coastline.

Head of Website

Willa Godfrey
(In partnership with Yopeso)
Willa is the project manager for Artsy Lane, and one of the most hard working & organized PM’s Artsy Lane has ever seen. If Artsy Lane was a giant puzzle, she’s the one that puts all the pieces together. She has 7 years of experience managing various websites and IT projects, and has also worked as a quality engineer in the software security industry for 5 years. Willa holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University Technology Malaysia, and currently works on Artsy Lane (leading a group of about 10 engineers and designers) remotely from Malaysia. In her free time, she enjoys reading and going on hiking adventures with her twin toddlers.


Sue Fliess
Sue could make your driver’s manual read like a novel. Sue writes, edits, and embellishes copy for Artsy Lane. Sue loves writing and words to the point of nerd-dom. Thankfully, she is witty and no one has caught on yet. She has a background in public relations, copywriting, and marketing, and she’s worked for both small startups (Room77, Hotel Tonight, Tiny Treks) and huge corporations including Cisco Systems and eBay. Sue has published over 120 articles and over 25 books for children. Her articles have appeared in O the Oprah Magazine, Huffington Post, Writer’s Digest, Bay Area Parent, Education.comTravelMuse.com, and more. She dreams of one day of writing humorous steps to accompany those impossible IKEA instructions.  Check out her website here – www.suefliess.com

Inner Circle

The Artsy Lane Inner Circle is made up of a mix of awesome art teachers, entrepreneurs, designers and developers, who are integral in guiding the decisions we make for the website and our customers. Collectively, they have over 85 years of art teaching experience and are located all across the United States. Artsy Lane relies on their incredible knowledge spanning both the art world and the teaching world, and when it comes to bouncing ideas off of them, they are indispensable. Here are Just a Few of our Awesome Inner Circle Members:


Advisory Board

~Coming Soon~