What People Are Saying

“A LOVELY and easy to use platform for artists, teachers, and DIYers. A perfect side hustle for busy working professionals!!!””
California, US

“I am obsessed with Artsy Lane!! Having a place that’s tailored to all things art is an art teacher’s dream! I love the variety of things that can be found on Artsy Lane- posters, lesson plans, lesson examples!!! You can find resources that will benefit teachers of all grade levels! Uploading work onto the website is super easy and the pricing is great too! I highly recommend all art teachers check this out!”
Florida, US

“I’m excited to share some lessons on this new platform specific to Art and Craft Projects! I can see this being a wonderful collaboration for Artist and Art Teachers to share and find lessons that meet the goals of our Art Studio.  I think Arty Lane is well on it’s way to being an amazing resource for all teachers in our Art Tribe to benefit from!””
Minnesota, US

I’m so looking forward to being part of a group that is passionate about sharing art lessons, DIY, and crafting and making.
Nancy Miller
Savannah, GA

Artsy Lane makes planning and presenting fun, fresh art activities so easy!
Erin Marshall
Thousand Oaks, CA

I’m so excited to share this website with artists, art teachers, diy’ers and anyone creative.  It’s like a Pinterest, meets Etsy, meets TPT, but all surrounded by art & creativity.  I’m hoping this will be the PERFECT side hustle for creative people looking to make some extra money.”
Jen Carroll
Mountain View, CA

Finally a central place to find art lesson plans! This is very exciting for art teachers.
Ashley Krieger
Wasilla, AK

Hello! I am so excited to be part of this promising website. I hope to be able to inspire and to also support fellow artists and crafters.
London, UK
If art is like a rainbow then this site is gonna be like a rainbow unicorn covered in glitter…yeah I’m  excited!!!!
Katie Mallette
San Antonio, TX

Artsy Lane is a dream come true for creative, artistic people and art educators like myself. The resources are invaluable and this will save me so much time! My new go-to site!
Donna Cariola
Yardley, PA

I am totally pumped to finally share my lessons with folks that I know will use them. It’s an added bonus that I can get paid for something I love to do.
Katherine LeMay

Can’t wait to start using the Artsy Lane marketplace to connect with other art teachers and creative individuals!
Kelly Thomas
Castleton, NY

I am so excited about this new “Artsy” community, and connecting with tons of other art teachers like me!
Joanne Elkin
Fairbanks, AL